Segregated schools

Local control? Yeah right

Little Rock's school district has been taken over by the state of Arkansas. Parents and teachers hold little power while the Walton family pours millions into a charter system that threatens public education.

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Private v. Public

The school district is overseen by an Education Commissioner who hasn't been shy about his preference for charters schools, private schools and home schooling.

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Bottom 10 for teacher pay

Little Rock happens to be the capital of one of the worst states for teachers. A lack of unions and corruption in the administrations have left educators with consideraly smaller salaries and fewer benefits when compared to other states. The decade from '04 to '14 saw a 10% decrease in teacher compensation.

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“The effort to murder and cannibalize public education has been underway in this state for years. Civic and business leaders have been part of it (covertly and openly). Sixty years after 1957 – when Little Rock and Arkansas made world history because white supremacy tried to defy the claims of black people to justice in public education – political and business leaders of the capitol city and state of Arkansas appear poised to plunge their city and state to an even lower dimension of disgrace and shame.”

Circuit Judge & Baptist pastor, Wendell Griffen