An overworked, underpaid labor force at your service

Low wages

Little Rock is in a state which has the second lowest real median hourly wage in the country. Sure our rent and food is relatively cheap, but we still can't afford it due to how little we're paid.

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No collective bargaining

Less than 6% of Arkansas workers belong to a union. Aggressively anti-labor companies like Wal-Mart, Tyson and J.B. Hunt spend big bucks every year preventing workers from organizing for better pay and treatment.

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Feeding the homeless

Little Rock actively tries to prevent homeless feeding programs in the city. They're considered an "eyesore" and issued citations for "loitering." There is a homeless person standing at nearly every intersection downtown these days due to a lack of care centers.

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“…cite when possible until this mess is cleaned up. If they have no legal reason to be there, run them off.”

Police Chief Kenton Buckner on the homeless of Little Rock