One of the highest crime rates per capita in the country

Out of town cops

Did you know a majority of the LRPD lives outside of city limits and that the city pays for their vehicles? This makes for uneasy tensions between citizens and authority as the community isn't policing itself.

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The LRPD takes it's time when getting out reports and has tried to force silence onto those who choose to push back against corruption. Fudged details, police shootings and violent crime are all the norm for Little Rock.

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Racial tensions

The members of Little Rock's black community consistently have harsh words for those policing the city. A hands-off approach to black neighborhoods and a hands-on approach to white neighborhoods only serve to increase tensions and divide the community.

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“…Let the Negroes kill each other ... that's the message you all are sending out.”

Benny Johnson, head of Stop the Violence, speaking to the City Board of Directors

“Bad shot…”

Mayor Stodola when asked why there weren't more fatalities in a downtown shooting that injured 25