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We love our city, but it's a fixer-upper.

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Great people. Taken advantage of by big business and corruption.

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Little Rock is practically two towns in one, divided by a highway with a racist past. Minorities in the tech-sector are especially underrepresented when compared to city-wide demographics.

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Segregated schools

The Little Rock School District is under constant attack from private interests looking to replace the public system. This has lead to the hollowing out of the public education system and a defacto segregation based on who can afford to move or pay for schooling.

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Guns in class

That's right. Thanks to a state law that's rolling out soon, students will be able to bring a weapon to college campuses. And bars. And hospitals. And sporting events. Little Rock is often featured in lists of "top 10 most violent" cities.

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Labor costs

Need to pay your workers in crumbs to increase your profit margins? Little Rock is the place for you. Little Rock is notoriously hostile to its own laborforce, letting the Chamber of Commerce run rampant.

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Public coffers for private projects

Financing your own projects is so tedious. Come to Little Rock and tap into taxpayer money to fund your next private venture!

Consumer hostile

You're in Arkansas now. We've got Attorney General Leslie Rutledge watching out for us. You don't have to worry about pesky civil suits and consumer complaints. Just settle for a small amount and tell them to kiss off.

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